Successful Conversation


This course is designed for multilingual individuals who desire to improve their grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills in different settings and when speaking about different topics.  Additionally this course helps with neutralizing the non-English accent in a fun and supportive environment.


Our programs are customized based on participants’ needs. Our conversation program is a group of 5-12 participants who meet weekly to practice their conversational skills. Our groups provide an opportunity for participants to improve their pronunciations, expand their interpersonal communication skills, and speak with confidence. 

This group is for individuals who wish to expand their conversational skills to enjoy socializing and making new friends.

We go beyond teaching you English; By applying our extensive knowledge and expertise in linguistics, phonology, sound production, vocal resonance, and prosody we offer you a holistic transformation in your communication skills. Our program is designed by certified and licensed Speech and Language Pathologists who have special training in TESOL and Accent Modification.


Successful conversation program  is not an English as a second language, 'ESL' program. ' Our program mainly focuses on listening, speaking, and holistic social communication skills.


Topics in the conversation groups may vary, including culture, holidays, general topics, idioms, daily life situations, and social conversation.


This group will help participants practice common conversational English language skills and social etiquette in a friendly environment. They will optimize their language skills in a dynamic, interactive, and efficient way to become successful and confident communicators.