Stuttering is a speech condition that interrupts natural flow of speech by frequent repetitions, unnecessary pauses, or blocking airflow while speaking is in progress. In other words, a person who stutters cannot coordinate the inhalation/exhalation process and speak naturally. This can dramatically be influenced by the environment and the emotional state of the person who stutters. The severity of stuttering varies based on age and the length of initial symptom occurrence, and past personal experiences of the stutters. 


The severity of stuttering usually correlates with the level of anxiety.


We help our clients who stutter experience a stuttering-free life. Being able to express yourself without the holdbacks of your stutter is our ultimate goal.  

Our mission is to improve your stuttering using our personalized therapy techniques. If you are dealing with stuttering or know anyone experiencing stuttering symptoms with or without previous history of therapy, contact us immediately.


If you are tired of being told to ‘slow down’ ‘ take a deep breath’,  avoid speaking in public,  or worried about your speech fluency or speech anxiety all the time, contact us. Our special speech coaching program is the final solution for speech anxiety / stuttering.