Speech clarity  

If you speak more than one language, this program is for you. 

Our program provides step-by-step practical techniques to tune up your existing communication skills by reducing your accent of any background. This program gradually neutralizes your accent and helps your speech to be easily understood. 

Our Accent Modification classes allow friends, partners, co-workers, and families to participate in groups to share their learning process and increase their potential opportunities to practice learned skills. 

These sessions are offered in small groups to improve accents by learning pronunciation and intonation rules in English.  

Our course offers proven methods to speak English more clearly and is provided at different levels. 


Although accents are natural, many people participate in our accent modification programs to minimize or modify their strong accents. Accent modification is a sensitive topic; some people are against it because they think they may lose their identities by changing their accents. However, this program is often beneficial when accents lead to misunderstanding, unintelligibility, and frustration. Participants in our program have claimed positive changes in job performance, education, and everyday activities.

This course will give you the necessary skills and confidence to improve your English accent. Our customized speech modification program focuses on enhancing communication abilities by developing your skills to become a more effective communicator in your daily life. 


Speech-language pathologists are communication experts. It is natural for us to work with individuals who would like to reduce an accent. We deeply understand speech anatomy and physiology and have a solid phonetics and articulation background. With our knowledge and experience, we can quickly determine each person’s unique needs and identify the primary areas to focus on during training.

Take the first step to transform your communication today. Let us help you unlock your full potential and make a lasting impact.