Language Learning

This program is designed to maintain clients’ functional life skills and enhance their quality of life using systematic treatment plans and social activities. The groups are 4-8 participants to improve receptive and expressive language skills. People with developmental/physical disabilities and medical injuries can benefit from these classes.


The classes are available for both children and adults.


With children:  Our therapists teach children with developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder ‘ASD’ practical strategies to engage in meaningful social activities with peers, participate in social play, become more independent, and manage frustration/outbursts in the absence of appropriate social skills.

With adults: Our well-experienced therapists work with adults who had a stroke or other injuries to restore and recover their remaining skills/abilities to improve their social life, well-being, social communication skills, remain independent, and integrate into the community if possible. Our experts apply their knowledge to engage patients in therapeutic activities and teach them effective strategies to cope with stress, anxiety, or frustration related to restrictions and limitations caused by their injuries.

30 Minutes