Home Health Therapy Services



At SPI, we provide the highest quality of home health Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services and to the patients of the agencies and facilities that we support.


Our skilled professionals are well trained to understand your challenges and concerns and design a custom program that improves your quality of life in transition to your home environment after coming home from the hospital. 


Our patient's needs are our priority !!!

Home Health Speech Therapy


The Home Health therapy program is designed to provide therapy services to help patients with communication, cognitive, speech, and swallowing disorders after discharge from recent hospitalizations. The patients' demographic age is mostly older adults and seniors who need speech therapy for dementia, stroke, weakened facial muscles/drooping (dysarthria), Parkinson's disease, voice disorder (dysphonia), and swallowing disorder (dysphagia).


Speech Therapy through Home Health agencies is essential to help homebound patients access rehabilitative therapy at their home without being worried about leaving home. This program includes extensive training and education for patients and caregivers to expedite the rehabilitation process, restore remaining skills, and improve life quality.

Our therapists are well-trained and professionals in helping patients generalize the achieved goals in real-life situations. 


Our main goal is to help the senior population to improve life quality by

teaching functional cognitive-communication skills and safe swallowing strategies, maintaining hydration, and appropriate diet consistency.


Our professional Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) work carefully with adult patients to provide the following skilled services carefully planned and customized to suit each patient's specific communication needs.





Our medical speech-language professionals work closely with home health patients and their families, friends, and caregivers to create a supportive team approach to help patients' ADL and quality of life.