The Fluency Pro Program


The Fluency Pro Program is based on the hybrid model of Fluency Shaping and Stuttering Modification. It focuses on the physical aspect of speech or motor speech behaviors plus the psychological element of speech. Participants will learn how to set their mindset for success and change their points of view to achieve speech fluency and transfer the acquired fluency to all situations.


This program helps participants achieve the natural flow of speech based on their speaking styles. All participants develop fluent speech through a systematic series of exercises and self-monitoring skills.

The Fluency Pro Program has two levels of intensive and light. The light version of the program takes longer and suits individuals who like steady progress at their own pace.


Participants work in a small group as well as individually.

This program includes two phases: Treatment and Follow up 


The first part of the program focuses on direct therapy sessions. The participants learn fluency strategies, establish new speech in structured situations, and transfer it to everyday conversational situations. Most participants improve significantly in their speech fluency during the first period of the program.


60 Minutes