Educational Therapy / Literacy


Speech Plan Inc ‘SPI’s educational therapists have outstanding training in special education and specific learning disabilities. Our educational therapists develop appropriate educational goals in reading fluency, reading, writing, math,  listening comprehension, social study skills,  memory, executive function, academic readiness, and auditory, visual processing.


Our program is beyond tutoring and our educational therapists are specialized in working with students who need special education services to improve their auditory and visual processing, becoming successful educators.

IEP counseling


The IEP, Individualized Education Plan, is a document created by school professionals in public schools for students who are eligible for special education. The IEP team consists of school professionals, including psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, special education teachers, recreational therapists, and parents. By law, parents have equal rights to participate in the process of IEP, including developing educational goals.


At Speech Plan Inc ‘SPI, we understand that the process of IEP can be time-consuming and complicated, and parents sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of information and may have questions about the eligibility or educational goals. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals specialized in advocating for students eligible for special education to access the curriculum compatible with their abilities.

Our team of professionals at ‘SPI’ is with you step by step in the whole process of IEP. Our team reviews all the previous and current IEP documents and interprets the results of assessments to develop appropriate goals to fit the students’ needs accessing the classroom activities.


At ‘SPI,’ we go beyond and above the simple needs of the students/educators at school by considering the students’ needs holistically in different areas such as ‘mental wellbeing, happiness, effective social communication skills, ability to make friends, and powerful socializing. We will make sure that the IEP includes all these areas and guarantee your child’s future success.


Our team supports you in all steps of the process.

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