Corporate Speech Coaching

In the fast business growing and dynamic society, effective communication has become essential for both individuals and business success.


Speech Plan Inc ‘SPI’ provides corporate employees training to learn about persuasive speech and related features.

We help our clients to:

  •   Learn how to become a better public speaker,
  •   improve their interpersonal communication skills,
  •   modify their foreign or regional accents,
  •   improve presentation skills
  •   improve speech clarity and professional speaking styles
  •   Learn how to overcome your fears and speech anxiety

Public Speaking: Communication takes place in every minute of our life, and no one can avoid it regardless of their work lines. Therefore, corporate speech pathology is emerging among employees seeking better work opportunities and employers who desire to succeed in a competitive marketplace by hiring professionals with enhanced communication skills. 


Effective Communication: Effective communication is essential in building a good relationship with others and establishing a solid social network. Most people won't realize the importance of learning effective communication skills until they encounter obstacles. Effective communication skills are:

Effective communication skills, speech anxiety, and self-confidence are directly related. Improving effective communication skills will enhance self-confidence and decrease speech anxiety.


Voice projection: Are you self-conscious about your speech? Are you self-aware of how you sound when you speak? Do you know why we feel our voice sounds different than our recorded voice? With proper training, we can change, project, and empower your voice to make your voice unique and distinguished. Our experts will develop an individualized plan with custom exercises to address the features you wish to change in your voice.


Accent Modification: Accent is the manner of pronouncing the sounds that a group of people who live in a region or a country use when they speak. There are two different accents: ‘regional accents’ refer to the specific way of saying that only belongs to a group of people who live in a region. For example, people who live in southern states have different accents than people who live in the New York area.  ‘Foreign accents’ refer to the manner of speaking that non-native speakers produce the sounds of the second or third spoken language. For example, a French speaker speaks English based on French, or a native English speaker speaks Spanish with an English accent.

However, we all have accents; it can sometimes hinder our personal, social, or business lives. Speech pathologists with special training and knowledge in phonology, language, and linguistics can help you modify or neutralize your regional or foreign accents using effective and practical strategies in the shortest amount of time.

All of our services are designed to tailor to meet your needs. Initial sessions are one on one basis to establish fundamental steps to increase successful group performance.

You can benefit from our corporate speech pathology services from anywhere you are in the world through our online services (interface video conference).


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